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Sanan Brings Automation To Life


The 3-day Guangzhou International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition is unfolding vigorously. The exhibition covers various industries including software, industrial communication, industrial robots, etc. All of this is aimed at better serving the automation industry and promoting high-quality intelligent manufacturing.

As a professional supplier of industrial automation solutions, Sanan also brings more efficient and smarter products to customers. Attracting many audiences in the exibition at home and abroad, our SF series IO modules became the focus of the fair, solving the key products that customers from Germany have been looking for, common mode features, tool-free wiring, and tool-free operation of guide rail cards, realizing Its low-cost labor and design suitable for small PLCs meet the use of small cabinets, which is exactly what customers need.

Sanan actively discusses the development trends and directions of industrial automation with people from all parts of society, and provides better products and services for future automation, as well as more efficient and smarter industry solutions.

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