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Sanan Wishs You Happy Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is here. May your mood be as refreshing and bright as zongzi leaves, your life as delicate and soft as glutinous rice, your career as prosperous as red dates, and your health as resilient and enduring as mugwort. The Dragon Boat Festival is not only a time for gathering with family and friends but also an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy the wonderful moments.

I hope you can feel the love and warmth of your family and the blessings and companionship of your friends during this Dragon Boat Festival. Whether savoring delicious zongzi or participating in dragon boat racing, may you have a fulfilling and joyful holiday.

Let us together pass on the beautiful memories of this traditional culture, spreading the blessings of the Dragon Boat Festival to every corner. May each day be as wonderful as the Dragon Boat Festival, with all your wishes coming true and everything going smoothly!

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