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  • The through wall terminal block also known as the "plug-in terminal," is a type of electrical connector. It mainly consists of conductive parts and non-conductive housings, typically used to introduce wires from the outside into facilities such as cabinets, instruments, and equipment.


  • Terminal connectors are accessory products used for electrical connections, categorized under the connector category in the industry. So, what is KNH terminal connector? Let's take a brief introduction today, focusing on Sanan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. We will show more for you.


  • What is an I/O module? It is an industrial-grade remote data acquisition and control module that provides functions such as passive node switch input collection, relay output, and high-frequency counter.


  • Precision manufacturing, as the backbone of advanced manufacturing technology, is hidden within various cutting-edge products and may not be visible, but it plays a decisive role.


  • A Terminal Block is an electrical connection device used to connect, secure and distribute wires in an electrical circuit. It's usually made of a piece of insulating material with metal pins or screws attached to it to connect the wires.


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