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Sanan SF Series Remote IO Module


Cabinet’s first choice improve the reliability and scalability of industrial control systems

Remote I/O modules, through efficient signal transmission and flexible system integration, improve the reliability and scalability of industrial control systems and are widely used in the modern industrial automation field. Their basic function is to transmit signals from field devices (such as sensors and actuators) to control systems (such as PLCs, DCS) or to transmit instructions from control systems to field devices. Due to these characteristics, they can achieve remote connectivity, signal conversion, modular design, real-time performance, and simplified wiring. They are widely used in industrial automation, building automation, energy management, traffic control, and more. The Sanan SF series, with diverse designs, offers options for 16-bit and 32-bit, with RJ45, DB9, and MIL connectors, enabling usage in various scenarios.

16 channel , compact, tool-free wiring, achieving space simplification

32 channel capable of mounting two PCBs, integrating more signals

RJ45 port IO coupler

More choices

The Sanan SF series IO modules are widely used in smart manufacturing, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

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