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Sanan Hot-Swappable Feature of IO Module



When the coupler is powered, the IO module can be detached, but the coupler can continue to operate.


This feature ensures continuous data processing. When a user hot-swaps a module, it ensures that the hardware is not damaged, the CPU does not shut down but generates an alert, the values of the I/O channels of the module remain unchanged, and the operation of other modules is not affected. The CPU triggers an interrupt organization block, which obtains information about the module being inserted or removed, and handles the corresponding control logic and I/O channels in the user program or interrupt organization block.

Conditions for Use

These bus modules need to be installed on an active rail. The active rail allows the connection and transmission of power and signals between modules. When one of the modules is removed from the active rail, other modules can continue to function normally.


The hot-swappable feature offers convenience to users in automated control systems. With this feature, when a module in the system fails, the user does not need to cut off the power supply. The faulty module can be inserted or removed while the CPU is running, greatly improving work efficiency and ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the production process.

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