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KNH Series Terminal Block


Terminal connectors are accessory products used for electrical connections, categorized under the connector category in the industry. So, what is KNH terminal connector? Let's take a brief introduction today, focusing on Sanan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. We will show more for you.

We all know that terminal connectors generally come in the following types: pluggable terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, feed-through wall terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, and so on. Our KNH terminal blocks belong to the pluggable and are mainly used in IO couplers to achieve electrical connections. It features a double-layer compact design, PUSH-IN connection technology, and fast wiring, typically with pitch in 3.5, 3.81, 5.0, and 5.08mm. The cross-sectional area of the wire for connections ranges from 0.2 to 2.5mm², and the terminal operates at a voltage of 24V. This makes our IO module assembly more flexible for use in small cabinets, what’s more,is designed with 3 live circuits and 2 ground connections to implement a grounding protection mechanism.

why is it designed this way? This brings us to the point that these connectors are specifically designed for use in IO modules.

So why use IO (Input/Output) modules in conjunction with KNH terminal connectors?IO couplers, as described, typically integrate multiple Ethernet interfaces (IN and OUT) and allow for the flexible expansion of IO modules. These modules can contain various types of inputs and outputs, such as digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs/outputs, etc. They are designed to be flexible, adaptable, and easy to integrate into control cabinets.The KNH terminal connectors play a crucial role in this setup by serving as the bridge between the PCB boards inside the coupler and the field devices or sensors. They facilitate the transfer of electrical signals and data between the IO modules and the central control system. The connectors provide a reliable and secure means of making electrical connections, ensuring that data from sensors and devices are accurately transmitted to the IO modules and then to the central control unit.n summary, IO modules and KNH terminal connectors work together to enable the efficient and flexible integration of sensors and devices into industrial automation systems, ensuring that data is accurately collected and processed for control and monitoring purposes. Follow Sanan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,we are willing to share with you our technology about industry automation.

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