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San'an' Latest Common Mode IO Solution


What is an I/O module? It is an industrial-grade remote data acquisition and control module that provides functions such as passive node switch input collection, relay output, and high-frequency counter.

I/O modules are divided into two parts: I/O devices and I/O interfaces. They represent the input and output ports for data from a microcontroller or computer. Input and output data streams (I-stream and O-stream) can be thought of as reading or writing bytes, which are transferred in and out in a dual-channel switching manner. This facilitates the connection and isolation between the low-voltage electrical circuits of the interlocking control system and the high-voltage electrical circuits of the controlled equipment, preventing high-voltage interference in the system and ensuring its safety.

I/O modules can be used for data collection and various control applications. Distributed I/O modules have features such as high reliability, cost-effectiveness, easy setup, and convenient network wiring. They are connected to a PLC through a single communication line and are suitable for decentralized area applications. This setup saves on wiring costs and reduces the number of I/O points on the PLC.

San'an's new SF series offers digital and analog capabilities, along with upgraded features, providing a whole new experience. The common-mode design allows for highly integrated communication and I/O functions, distributed remote capabilities, tool-free plug-in connections, separate/two-stage terminal heads, and wide temperature performance, ensuring that the equipment can operate for extended periods within this temperature range. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, even in harsh industrial environments. These are capabilities that traditional IO modules do not possess. I/O modules play a crucial role in the field of industrial automation, and the SF series IO modules enable the integration of data from the physical world into automation control systems, facilitating monitoring, control, and data acquisition functions.

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