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Learn And Communicate To Better Focus On Industrial Automation


In May 2023, embracing the new revolution in industrial automation, our company closely follows market changes and industry trends. We have traveled to Russia to engage in exchanges, learning, and discussions with the industrial automation community. Our aim is to enhance our company's intellectual capital, acquire advanced knowledge and theories, and stay updated on market trends. This will enable us to provide our customers in industries such as industrial automation, power energy, wind power generation, and light rail transportation with superior solutions.

Looking back at the development of industrial automation, it is evident that the industry has always pursued improvements in production process safety, efficiency, product quality, and reduction of raw material and energy consumption. In this regard, we focus on the development of components, such as terminal blocks, wiring connectors, DIN rail enclosures, and rail-mounted terminal blocks. This is the key focus of our seminar.
During the event, our company has particularly exchanged insights with the experts present, specifically obtaining breakthrough production guidance in the field of terminal blocks. Terminal blocks are accessory products used for electrical connections and fall within the category of connectors in the industrial domain. As industrial automation becomes increasingly advanced and industrial control requirements become stricter and more precise, the demand for terminal blocks gradually rises. In 1928, the electrical industry saw the emergence of the world's first modular terminal block, which served as the precursor to modern terminal blocks. Terminal blocks are used to facilitate wire connections. Essentially, they are metal strips encased in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends for inserting wires and screws for fastening or loosening. When two wires need to be connected or disconnected intermittently, terminal blocks can be used, eliminating the need for soldering or entwining, providing convenience and efficiency. They are also suitable for interconnecting numerous wires. In the power industry, dedicated terminal strips and terminal boxes are employed, featuring an array of terminal blocks, single-layer or double-layer, for different currents, voltages, normal or disconnectable options, and more. A sufficient contact area is necessary to ensure reliable contact and the ability to carry sufficient current.

As the trend towards miniaturization continues, modern terminal blocks must demonstrate exceptional quality within narrower spaces, putting the reliability of terminal block materials to the test. Balancing cost and performance development is the primary consideration for the terminal block industry. Terminal blocks are accessory products used to achieve electrical connections. As industrial automation advances and demands for precise and stringent industrial control increase, the quality requirements for terminal blocks have been progressively elevated. Enterprises need to enhance the quality precision of terminal blocks while maintaining product lightweightness from various perspectives.

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