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Basic analysis of three growth areas of PCB

In the past two years, different application fields show a trend of differentiation. The PCB demand of electronic consumer products is generally weak, but the new energy (automobile) industry with the core of electrification, intelligence and network connection still maintains a high growth rate. New technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, computing infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers (AI), and communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, Internet of Things and industrial Internet also possess certain resilience to growth. Structural opportunities still exist for PCB enterprises.
Server, as a computing carrier, provides a broad source of power for the era of digital economy. With the continuous development of downstream applications such as artificial intelligence, neural network, cloud computing and edge computing, the computing power requirements for servers are becoming higher and higher. PCB used for high-end servers generally requires high number, high density, high transmission speed, high aspect ratio and other characteristics. Will drive the value of server PCB increase.
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