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Economy & Industrial Decarbonization——Sanan Industrial Automation Exhibition


We know that the green economy has always been a topic of attention and discussion. In the current severe environmental situation, especially in the context of sustainable development, what is the relationship between industrial automation and the green economy? San'an keeps up with the 23rd Industrial Automation Fair, 'Economy & Industrial Decarbonization,' from September 19th to 23rd, 2023. We will use our products to tell the story of the new green economy and industrial automation.

Ningbo San'an Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type of digital shell production enterprise, established in 2020, is a young and dynamic company. Engaged in process development, technical research, test development, professional design, development, manufacture and sales of various types of PLC control housings, Terminal Block, Energy Storage Connector, IO module housings, industrial relay housings and other connector housings.San'an's products have been driving the development of the green economy. Firstly, in terms of energy exploration, these devices are primarily driven by electricity. For example, in mining operations, apart from mining equipment, there's a need for lighting equipment, ventilation systems, environmental monitoring, remote surveillance, and more. These functions are generally achieved through automation systems. Secondly, renewable energy has always been a significant domain for automation. In industrial production, renewable energy technologies mainly include solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, and more. In the field of environmental protection technology, automation also plays a crucial role. Environmental protection technology involves the use of advanced scientific techniques to reduce environmental pollution at its source and implement technologies that lead to reduced emissions. In the realm of industrial automation, environmental protection technology finds applications in wastewater treatment, air pollution control, and solid waste management.

San'an Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has consistently offered our most advanced products in the aforementioned domains. By putting into practice industrial automation and the green economy, we are driving technological advancements in industry and contributing to global sustainable development.


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